Gillian can be contracted to teach anyone how to use WordPress.

One-on-One Private tuition for Beginners.

Charges are $50 per hour, OR:

SPECIAL DEAL!  $150 for a half day. 
This is what you get for your $150: Up to 4 hours tuition – Location: at your office if its Auckland, or Gillians home office.

Prerequisite: For tuition, we can work on a  new or existing site, you must already have a hosting account and a domain name pointed in advance to the account, and provide access to all the logins at the lessons.  If I am helping you, I need to check hosting and domain registrar logins in advance of the meeting.

  • Prior to our meeting we converse via phone and email. If you don’t have a site yet, this is not a problem, we just have to organise setting the hosting and domain name up, a minimum of 24 hours before your tuition/lesson. You need to provide list of all the logins and web hosting, and domains and social media logins, if appropriate.
  • You would be required to have site content documents available to me, maybe placed onto a USB Drive, along with a document for the logins.
  • If you require a new WordPress installed, then in the first part of the lesson, we will do that, and then we add a theme and plugins, then we add posts and pages and images and menus etc. 4 hours should be sufficient time to learn all the major tasks in managing, editing and maintaining your site. Your site could “go live” on the same day, provided we have done enough to make it suitable for public viewing. If you have brought your digitized images, I prepare them. I work with Photoshop, to edit, optimise, and upload your images. You may only have a half a dozen pages done by the end of four hours, so be prepared to continue loading from home. (or back at your office)
  • If you don’t want to load up a real site for the purpose of the tuition, we can use a sub-domain as a test site to practice on.
  • If you already have a fully running live site, we just jump in and start modifying and editing, according to whatever you want to do.*
  • Prerequisite of editing a running site*: Prior to the tuition, you must email me a shortlist of what you want to achieve and what you want to change. Along with this, I will need log in advance to the WordPress Admin, to check it is working.
  • If I find that we have to do troubleshooting i.e. out of date themes and plugins, I would need ALL YOUR LOGINS in advance to see what is wrong. It would be unwise to arrange to have a lesson only to find the back end blocked and you can’t start editing, or the site breaks the minute you try to update it.
  • I would need your login to your hosting panel. (at your hosting co) to check you have adequate space on your account.  You may need to upgrade your account or purchase another theme. Believe me, some themes do break irretrievably. In that eventuality, I might need your login to your theme authors support site. We have to check the license has been added. So the login to Themeforest, or wherever you purchased your Premium Theme. If other third-party Plugins are not working for some reason, I might need the logins to where you purchased those too. I will then check them all out that they are valid, and report to you we will be good to go.
  • We should only agree to the tuition, if everything is going to work.
  • You can book additional training sessions if we run out of time. We can also schedule in how to update themes and plugins, or manage Social Media and Google Products.


Tuition is only available for supported and approved WordPress Themes that have been downloaded from or Premium Themes from

I work with beginners and only use pre-designed, ready-made themes that do not require hard-code re-programming.

I do not provide advanced database programming or custom coding/ nor rewrite code /or do troubleshooting work on a site that was built from the ground-up by other developers.

** I do not work with Genesis Framework sites.

WordPress has an easy to manage Admin Dashboard that can be navigated by absolute beginners and no coding is required, to install, edit and maintain a WordPress website.

Wordpress Tuition
Learn your way around a WordPress Dashboard.