Hints for a successful website

What gets results?

Short Answer: A few good features on your website, and Advertising Campaigns.

Anyone can build your website, it will look lovely and function perfectly, but that in itself won’t automatically get you to the top of Google Directory or get you a steady stream of customers.

There are a number of things a developer can do, to prepare the groundwork. Then you need to engage a specialist to “Promote” your website after the site is published.

According to Marketing Whizz Chris Cardell, of www.cardellmedia/chris, there are 7 things you need to do, to make your business website work successfully for you.

1. Your website must pass the 8-second test, i.e. have a good reason why they should stay on your website longer than 8 seconds.

2. Beautiful websites don’t guarantee sales. Therefore you should change the focus of your website from cold selling to relationship promoting.  You can give something away free, which starts the relationship.

3. A website can benefit from a video, introducing yourself and your services. A staged interview, with someone asking you questions, is the easiest type of video.

4. The most effective way to gain online sales, is to have a Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign. Relying upon SEO only, can be a waste of time.

** if someone offers to do an SEO program for you to get you found at the top of Google, you would be far better off with just Adwords instead.

5. Most websites need to capture subscribers to build a customer base to market to. You must give them a reason why they should subscribe; then you can use Email Marketing up to twice a week.

6. Facebook and Instagram: Upload your customer emails to these sites because you can personally message customers more easily from there.

7. Landing Pages: Your website needs specific landing pages in order to receive customers from the Google Directory, where they have clicked on your pay-per-click Ads, so they should arrive to a special page on your site that offers what you are proposing to sell. Your page should have something free to offer. This will give them the motivation to subscribe /provide their email address, and possibly buy something then and there, in order to download the freebie.

Yes, there are more tactics that can be used, but I have highlighted the most important ones. If you only require a simple website, or you are selling a simple service or appointments, it may not be necessary to follow all the above steps but you certainly need to say something interesting to entice visitors. 

It is generally understood – web developers are neither video producers nor Internet marketers, but you need a developer to prepare the site as a springboard for marketers to begin campaigns.  Marketers, for instance, do Points 4 and 6 above.

Areas I can help you with:

  • Content writing
  • On-Page keywords in sentences and headings
  • Creating landing pages 
  • Joining you up to a third-party Newsletter program
  • Establishing Social media accounts.
  • Embedding your intro video Youtube links on your website
  • Google Products: Creating Google Analytics and Google My Business accounts

Once you have all the necessary accounts connected, and social links added, you can then bring in the marketers to embark upon campaigns.


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