Types of Hosting Accounts

Customers need to purchase their own independent, WordPress Managed Hosting account separately. I recommend and refer my clients to siteground www.siteground.com,  because they have been reliable all the years I have been with them. They are one of the world’s most popular WordPress hosting providers.

You are welcome to enroll with any hosting company, but if you haven’t already enrolled, please ask me first as I have knowledge of some really bad hosters out there. Also, do not choose an “Unmanaged Hosting Account” just to save yourself money. That only works for techno-geeks.

Shared Managed WordPress Hosting is sufficient for a small standard website. It should have a Control Panel (or CPanel) and the size and cost of the account depends upon how many websites and mailboxes you need.  For one website, and up to 5 web email boxes, the smallest hosting account on offer has the capacity to provide all the functions and space you require. However, if you are planning multiple mailboxes to carry huge traffic and regular file attachments, then the email service must be farmed out to a separate paid for Mail Service Provider, such as Google Suite.

If you are going to have a lot of traffic or an e-commerce site, or you plan for more websites on the same account, then you need the next size up, with higher capacity to expand.

I would research carefully and recommend the correct type of hosting to meet your website needs.

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