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Types of Hosting Accounts

Customers need to purchase their own independent, WordPress Managed Hosting account separately. I recommend and refer my clients to FASTCOMET. The idea is that you pay for your domain name and hosting account yearly, and just provide me your logins so I can build a website for you there. So that means you only pay me for the one-off labour charge of building your site and thereafter you have the option to become entirely self-managing and in control of your business investment, or you can call me to assist with managing the website for an ad hoc charge.

You are welcome to enroll with any hosting company, but if you haven’t yet enrolled, please ask me first as I have the knowledge to save you from making a mistake; i.e., do not choose an “Unmanaged Hosting Account” just to save yourself money. That only works for non-WordPress sites.

Shared Managed WordPress Hosting account rates start at a cheap price to host a single standard website. It must have a Control Panel (or CPanel) or Site Tools, and allow up to 5 web email boxes, provide free SSL, backups and security, and statistics reports for example.  However, if you are planning an e-commerce site, or multiple sites and mailboxes,  you need the next-size-up hosting, with higher SSL security and more capacity to expand.

I would research carefully and match the correct type of hosting company to meet your website needs.

Locally, there is Domainz.net.nz, crazydomains.co.nz, 1stdomains.co.nz.

We recommend FASTCOMET.com to host all the websites we build, even though their servers are in Australia.
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