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About Hosting provided by Gillian

I host my clients websites at SiteGround.com via my Bulk hosting account.  Or I can also refer customers who need a bigger hosting, or independence from my Managed Hosting – to get their own account at www.siteground.com. I thoroughly recommend siteground because they have been faultless all the years I have been with them. They are one of the worlds most popular WordPress hosting providers. Or a third option – you can have hosting where ever you like, I can still build your site where ever it is to be hosted.

Hosting Plan

My Managed Hosting for a single website charges are $12 per month, or $135 per year payable yearly in advance. The hosting is Shared Hosting, and I manage and maintain my clients sites on their behalf. A 10-20 paged website will be fine with this type of hosting account, as long as you don’t plan to host huge download files on a monthly basis.

Shared Hosting has a standard Control Panel (or CPanel) 5 email boxes, and up to 2 GB disk space, which only I have access to so I manage each aspect for you. If you already have a hosting account elsewhere, and want someone to take over the back end maintenance, I charge $50 per year for small business maintenance.

For a small wordpress site, this is all you would need. If you are going to have a lot of traffic or an ecommerce site, or you plan for more websites on the same account, then my Single Site Managed Plan will not be adequate, I would research carefully and recommend the correct type of hosting to meet your website needs.

WordPress back-end Site Maintenance Plan

Support, Security, Updates and Maintenance is part of managing a WordPress site.  I provide this support within the monthly hosting fee, or if you are reading this and have a website hosted elsewhere, but you just need someone to go in and update everything, then I can offer a Maintenance action Plan for $50 per year, or $50 per hour if special tasks are required over and above normal theme and plugin updates.

This is what I provide with my Maintenance Plan:

  • Create ”backups”, especially just after new front end content is added to site
  • Upgrade the version of WordPress  (every few months there is a new version)
  • Upgrade the Theme to the latest version if there has been one released
  • Upgrade the latest versions of Plugins
  • Check security Plugins to protect the site against hackers
  • Change passwords regularly and check the server for possible infiltration attacks.
  • Test the site to check if the updates did not change anything that should not be changed.

Maintenance Plan-The minimum time taken is one hour $50.

The above steps should be all you need for a small site.  Please enquire if you would like to hire me to regularly keep your WordPress site current and up to date.

Failing to update and upgrade creates vulnerabilities in the website, where two things can happen:

1) The site either breaks because upgrades were necessary to keep it working, or

2) The WordPress old versions eventually get mastered by hackers and they find a way to get in and mess your site up.


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