Maintenance Plan

Site Management and Maintenance Plan

Security, Updates, and Maintenance are essential tasks associated with managing a WordPress site. If you don’t keep it up to date, the site can break or can become a target for hackers.

I can train you to manage your own maintenance, or I can offer a Maintenance action Plan where I keep everything up-to-date for a fee of $50 per year, or on the very odd occasion, $50 per hour if a glitch needs to be ironed out.

This is what I provide with my Maintenance Plan:

  • Create server ”backups” before major upgrades so we can roll back if need be.
  • Upgrade WordPress  (every few months)
  • Upgrade the Theme and plugins to the latest versions if there has been one released
  • Check security reports to ensure the site is protected against hackers
  • Change passwords if necessary
  • Test the site live, to check if the updates did not break anything.

If I am managing your site, you can hire me on an ad hoc basis to do small jobs / changes or add ons etc.

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