Maintenance Plan

WordPress Admin &  Site Maintenance Plan

Support, Security, Updates and Maintenance are ongoing tasks associated with managing a WordPress site.  I can train you to manage your own maintenance, or I can offer a Maintenance action Plan for $50 per year, or $50 per hour if special tasks are required over and above normal theme and plugin updates.

This is what I provide with my Maintenance Plan:

  • Create ”backups”, especially just after new front end content is added to site
  • Upgrade the version of WordPress  (every few months there is a new version)
  • Upgrade the Theme to the latest version if there has been one released
  • Upgrade the latest versions of Plugins
  • Check security Plugins to protect the site against hackers
  • Change passwords regularly and check the server for possible infiltration attacks.
  • Test the site to check if the updates did not change anything that should not be changed.

The above steps should be all you need for a small site.  Please enquire if you would like to hire me to regularly keep your WordPress site current and up to date.

Failing to update creates vulnerabilities in the website, where two things can happen:

1) The site either breaks because upgrades were not carried out soon enough.

2) The WordPress old versions eventually get cracked by hackers and they find a way to get in and mess your site up.

Call Me or Email me now to help.

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