Mailchimp Newsletters

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a free (for up to 2000 subscribers),  independent third-party online service that can be configured to deliver Newsletter Campaigns to your customers or members.
However, it can be quite a challenge to set it all up on your own. This is where I can help.

How to notify your customer base?

I offer services to:

  • Set up a Mailchimp account
  • Set up a Newsletter sign-up form on your WordPress site.
  • Create ready-made templates for newsletters on Mailchimp for your use.
  • Write and dispatch newsletters on your behalf
  • and/or train you how to fully use Mailchimp yourself


I can train your staff on how to manage, write and dispatch your own Newsletters, at a prearranged Tuition Class.

Newsletters are sent out from the Mailchimp platform, direct to your subscribers that have been added to Mailchimp.

You only have to pay for labour, to set it all up, and you can also arrange for me to dispatch your future newsletters too.

Do you have a Mailchimp Form on your website already but just don’t have time to log into Mailchimp to create a Newsletter?

No problem, hire me to take care of this.

Hire me to create the newsletters or hire me to train you one-on-one, to set up newsletters for yourself.

This is a great feature to have on your website. Once it is set up, you could then opt for a Marketing Company to launch Email Campaigns.

Call me if you want Mailchimp on your website, or newsletters written for you.

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