How to notify your customer base?

I offer services to

  • insert Newsletter sign-up forms into your WordPress.
  • create templates for newsletters to use on Mailchimp
  • write and dispatch newsletters on your behalf
  • and/or train you how to fully use Mailchimp yourself

Mailchimp is a third-party service that can be configured to deliver Newsletter Campaigns to your customers or members, but it can be quite a learning curve for a beginner to master it.

Here is more detail about the steps I can carry out for you:

  • She can set up a account for you.
  • Insert a Mailchimp Sign Up Web Form on your website so that people will be added as a subscriber to your Mailchimp list.
  • Create newsletter templates for you, so that you only need to add the new text each time, to send out to your subscribers.
  • Gillian can train your staff on how to manage, write and dispatch your own Newsletters.
  • You can also have a spreadsheet list of existing subscribers added manually, Gillian can add these for you.

Newsletters are sent out from the Mailchimp platform, direct to your subscribers that have been added to Mailchimp.

You only have to pay Gillian for a few hours of labour, to set it all up, and you can also contract Gillian to dispatch your future newsletters too.

I recommend, it is ideal for business start-ups, completely free for small subscriber lists. (suitable for up to 2000 subscribers).

You can even teach yourself how to do it from scratch, by watching Mailchimp video tutorials.

These videos cover how to join up, create your lists, create your website subscriber forms, and then how to create your newsletter from their huge range of starter templates.

Do you have a Mailchimp Form on your website already but just don’t have time to log into Mailchimp to create a Newsletter?

No problem, Hire me to take care of this.

Hire me to create the newsletter and dispatch it for you, or hire me to train you one on one, to set up newsletters for yourself.

This is a great service to have on your website. Call me if you want Mailchimp on your website, or newsletters written for you. I can create the text (write copy) and can create the images.