Mailchimp Newsletters

Market, promote and notify your specials and news to your customers. One way is via Newsletter Campaigns.

Gillian can set up a account for you. She can set up a Mailchimp Sign Up Web Form on your website, and then create newsletters for you, as and when you have notices to send out to your subscribers. You only have to pay Gillian per hour for labour, as Mailchimp accounts are free to use.

These Newsletters are send out by email, direct to your subscribers from Mailchimp.

I am a great admirer of, because they provide this wonderful service, for free, for lists of up to 2000 subscribers.  People sign up to your website, to receive email Newsletters. Mailchimp provide comprehensivel video tutorials for businesses, on how to join up, create your lists, create your website subcribe forms, and then how to create your newsletter from their huge range of templates.

This is ideal for business start ups, its a third party service that is completely free for small subscriber lists.

Do you have a Mailchimp Form on your website already but just dont have time to log into Mailchimp to create a Newsletter?

No problem, Hire me to take care of this.

There are two solutions: Hire me to create the newsletter and dispatch it for you, or hire me to train you one on one, to set up newsletters for yourself. Once you know how, then you can do it yourself in the future. It really depends if you have time available to do this or not.

So you can accumulate a list of subscribers via: those who have signed up on your website, or those people you have manually added to your Mailchimp list, (of course these people must have given their consent to go on your mailing list) You can segment these lists and then target certain groups for certain types of Newsletters.

This is a great service to have on your website. Call me if you want Mailchimp on your website, or newsletters written. I can create the text (write copy) and can create the images.