• A 5 paged Informational-style website with a free theme,  includes a contact form, SEO tags, and Links, starts from $490.
  • A 10-page  simple site with everything filled in for you $950.
  • A Premium Theme, Hosting and domain name is extra and depends on where you purchase from.
**Some typical content I install with a new project: I add text, images, logo, sliders, Blog articles, Contact forms, and on-page SEO tags, and your Social Media links. However if you already have a site and you only need to contract me to fill gaps or do specific tasks, then you can view my list of labour costs below. A quotation can be provided upon request.

Extra Labour Costs

  • Social media links and Google, when purchased separately,  $250
  • Extra block of pages $95 per page or 10 extra pages is $490
  • Shop Products – added to Woo Commerce Plugin and load up to 50 products- $490
  • # Please note Standard Paypal Payment Gateways is configured for Shopping Carts or e-commerce sites.
  • Any other gateway can incur up to $500 or more depending on quote from a specialist E-commerce developer.
  • Mailchimp Account integrated with WordPress for Newsletter Signup $100
  • On-Page SEO and Google Account when purchased separately $250 for up to 10 pages.
  • One on One Training how to self-manage your WordPress site $50 per hour.
  • Content Writing $50 per hour.
  • Graphics or PDF creation $50 per hour.
  • Site Maintenance Plan from $50 pa, or $50 per hour.
You can contact Gillian by phone or email, to arrange a free consultation; meanwhile view her other design website, www.webdesinz.com for more details and charges, and view some portfolio pages of WordPress sites recently completed.